Professional Advising Center

Quality academic advising is an essential component for achieving educational success in college.  At WVU Parkersburg all newly admitted students begin with an advisor in our Professional Advising Center (PAC). The PAC advisor helps students register for classes and plan their academic schedule based on their chosen major.

PAC Contact

Office Hours
Room 1332
Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

*PAC Advisors are available for in-person and virtual meetings by appointment. Please contact your advisor to schedule an advising session. PAC Advisors are listed below.

Professional Advising Center (PAC) Advisors

The PAC is staffed by five full-time professional advisors. These advisors assist students with fewer than 30 credit hours in scheduling and registering for classes. Each PAC advisor works with a specific division on campus to further enhance their advising experience, and to provide supplemental advising support and up-to-date information about new programs offered.

Who is My Advisor?

  1. Log into your OLSIS account.

  2. Click the first bullet down the list “Student Profile” (MyDegree, holds, etc.)

  3. On the next page, your assigned advisor will appear on the last line in the middle section.

Once you find your advisor, reach out to them via phone or email to set up an in-person or virtual advising session.

Program-Specific Advisors

The PAC provides students with a seamless transition to a program-specific faculty advisor in their chosen major after a student earns 30 college credits. These advisors are more knowledgeable about their career fields, special requirements of the career, and other information that a PAC advisor might not have available.

DegreeWorks / MYDegree

MYDegree is an online tool to ensure students complete the right classes for their degree at WVU Parkersburg. Students can log into MYDegree from their OLSIS account and monitor their academic progress, learn what classes they have left to complete, and evaluate the best way to accomplish educational goals. MyDegree also has a built-in tool to help students evaluate their GPA and how they can improve it.

Higher Education Terminology

This dictionary like document will help you understand some of the words and terms higher education uses.